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Do you enjoy your VR device?

We really hope you take advantage of your VR Googles, Smartphone and free softwares available.

It’s possible to do lots of things by knowing how to play games with the correspondent hardware, get from official stores apps & games from a variety of categories and to configure in the most optimal way all the settings.

What device, Smartphone & OS do you have?

Fortunately there are quite a few different devices compatible with VR, ranging from the most basic ones as the Google VR Cardboard or VR Box which can be linked to a Smartphone going trough the Microsoft Hololens or Playstation VR which are extremely immersive.

How can I watch VR Videos?

Apart from playing games or interacting using apps there is another amazing feature you can use for your entertainment we are referring to watching virtual reality videos.

There are a lot of options available, you can watch short animal videos (or lots of different genres) to complete VR Movies.

You will need a software which can reproduce this kind of content and the actual video / movie itself, learn how you can do it from here.