360° Room is an interactive 3D video game that you can enjoy with your virtual reality glasses. When you wake up you find yourself in a place that is an unknown. You are in your work room, but unlike other times, you can not leave there, because the door is strangely, very closed.


Now you are trapped in a room. How can you get out of it? In this virtual reality game, escape is the main action. You’ll have to find multiple strategies to get out of this place. The emotion and suspense increase because the view is 360 degrees. You will use your horizontal and vertical points of view. You will be able to travel through space in all its dimensions.

Many implements appear so that you have the alternative of being able to achieve your objective: to leave this room that makes you feel suffocated. The enclosure is not pleasant at all. In 360° Room app everything you see is very well detailed because the 3D graphics, give the stage a suprior realistic quality. The degree of difficulty of this game is low, you can overcome the obstacles one by one without major problem. However, in no way does it cease to be exciting.

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