You will have the great opportunity to run at full speed in the middle of the traffic, with your car, nothing more and nothing less than on the world-famous California Highway 405. This virtual reality game is a challenge for anyone, even a super steering wheel expert. You can’t crash, but you won’t have to blink, because cars, trucks and obstacles keep going.

405 road rage

You’ll be able to feel the way the car is driven as if you were really behind the wheel. The speed you have to develop to be able to dodge and get out unharmed is impressive. You’re going to have to use techniques to get out of so many vehicles coming in the opposite direction. You will hit, you will slide laterally to other cars to make way.

You will be living an ultra-realistic experience in the middle of traffic. You will have the option to change to 6 models of vehicles, you will find more than 20 different traffic cars. The vehicles are unlockable, to make the excitement much more intense. 405 Road Rage is designed with three game modes to give more versatility to your races: mini game Bomb Bus, Missile Launcher Upgrade and Cowcatcher Upgrade. Each of these modes has enhancements to make your virtual journey easier.

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