We all know that although golf is a very relaxing game, it can also be a challenge when playing each hole. This is the case of Golf VR, a VR game where you can enter a 3D golf course. You do not need golf skills to play, in Golf VR you will have a virtual reality experience in which you will feel like an expert in this sport.

Golf VR

Golf VR has a practical and intuitive interaction system, so you will not need accessories. To play it you can use a Google Cardboard or any other headset vr compatible with your smartphone. This makes it a highly recommended  VR game as it is also compatible with most smartphones on the market (Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Sony Xperia, HTC, Motorola G, Lenovo, iPhone, and more…).
But in addition to being a fairly accessible VR game, it has nice graphics that enhance the player’s experience. On a sunny, cold or rainy day, you can have fun with this virtual reality experience. Don’t believe when they tell you that golf is a boring sport! In virtual reality everything can be very funny, so if you like challenges or relax in your free time, Golf VR is an ideal VR game for you.

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