Night Sky is one of the VR Adventure Game that has generated more downloads in recent months. Most of those who have played it have described it as a good experience, easy to play, with excellent graphics and great fun to pass the time.

As its name indicates, you can be under the stars while living this exciting adventure. You can relax while pretending to be in front of a very crackling bonfire and especially by the beautiful night sky of the game. Through this VR experience, you can observe and identify beautiful constellations forming patterns through the stars. As you point to new constellations, creatures and other wonders come to life in the game. Definitive, the sky in VR is a truly amazing experience.

As you discover new creatures through these constellations, you can watch them move and walk all the way. You’ll be able to watch them glide across the terrain and offer you an attractive and enchanting spectacle. Not only that, you’ll also be able to take on some of the world’s most famous mythological creatures, including Phoenix, Kraken and even Baby Golem, among many others, all in one game.

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