This game offers a totally unique plot that will catch you from the first moment, since accounting is the main plot here. This VR Adventure Game is one of the most interesting, and for this reason in recent times it has been being very downloaded. Based on the combination of certain popular comic figures mixed with the same accounting, Accounting + is born.

The story of this game focuses on a deformed technology, where the creatures are very strange and disturbing; In turn, virtual reality is like a forbidden maze in this wonderful game. As you progress through history, you will discover new secrets and you will face new dangers at different levels.

You should try not to die trying while they are in virtual reality, in addition to having some unique and very sophisticated elements. You can start by saying that the soundtrack of this game is unique, in addition to having subtitles; In fact, this game is translated for 9 different languages. As you move forward in the history of the game you will discover new achievements, you will face new challenges that will make you think and all through the power of accounting and chaotic fun.

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