Alien Monster: VR Shooting

Alien Monster: VR Shooting

Action, Android VR, Shooters


With this VR game you will put on your vr headset to travel to the distant planet Mars, where a true battle to save and protect the galaxy will take place.  If you are a science fiction lover, you must live this virtual reality experience.

Alien Monster: VR Shooting

The story of Alien Monster: VR Shooting is located in the year 2300; here the Martians make their planet the base of the monster in space, which gave them the power to spread and attack all the planets they want.  Human, with the mission of protecting the galaxy, creates a special weapon to attack and kill alien monsters and thus save the entire solar system.  Your objective in this VR game will be to shoot all the alien monsters as possible.

You can enjoy this virtual reality experience in VR mode and normal mode;  If you choose the first option, you just have to turn your head up and down and right and left to aim at your target, (but you must be very fast!).  On the other hand, if you choose the normal mode, you should only aim at the alien monsters to shoot.  This vr game has wonderful 3D graphics that will make you feel a real emotion shooting at your enemies in the mysterious environment of Mars.  With Alien Monster: VR Shooting you will live an intense Galactic battle of authentic science fiction from home!

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