All Star Fruit Racing VR

Android VR, Racing


Racing games never get old; in addition, nobody can deny that they are extremely fun. However, thanks to virtual realityand 3D, now you can not just play racing games, but be part of a real car race. That’s why today we bring you theAll Star Fruit Racing VR game,where you can find a race full of clues with fruits and challenges, which you must overcome to improve your career times and to increase your overall score.

All Star Fruit Racing VR

This game is extremely easy to use, because you should only look at the place you want to go and that’s it! However, this is not the only option that of the VR car game that we offer, you can also choose to play in non-VR mode, with which you can play controlling your vehicle with just using your finger.

With different characteristics that make it quite great, you can tear the clues and bomb the rating table, likewise, you can jump and do an infinity of things that will make you dominate the competition. These virtual reality games are simple, the person should only synchronize a Google Cardboard viewer to the device mobile and can start to spin, jump and avoid the traps to be placed on the road.

The player must evade all fruits and pick up the pistons, in addition, you can use different shortcuts and routes to help you get there before the goal. So, do not wait anymore.

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