Amusement Planet is a single-player virtual reality game in the exploration, adventure, and simulation genres. It consists of 5 unique attractions in an amusement park in space, you have a huge chance to feel like you’re really having fun in a totally unknown place, don´t forget to try to turn the planet around to reach a different place each time, which is a total delight. The roller coasters VR you will have to climb are more and more intense and demanding. To be able to resist the vertigo and the sea of adrenaline, you will have to prepare yourself.

Amusement Planet

It’s a totally immersive trip, because you feel the movement as if it were really happening. The graphics on each roller coaster are getting better and better. As you move through the game, you get involved and want to go through each level, because curiosity is paramount.

You can live the experience with your family on a Sunday, that’s the added value of the game, which encourages you to include your friends or family in your game. You can opt for a free roller coaster and also buy others such as Big Swing, for example. It is played with the following supported controllers: Gear VR Controller and Touchpad on the platforms: Gear VR and Oculus Go.

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