This game has deserved extraordinary qualifiers of the players, among them they have considered it a masterpiece in the matter of video games, and they have thanked its creators (the same ones of Finding Monsters Adventure and Rock & Rails). This is a totally immersive game and this is exactly what any Virtual Reality player is looking for.


The story is really amazing, because of the dose of surreal worlds in which it immerses players for many hours. Once you start the game you don’t want to let go and the rejugability of the game lends itself to it. The experience is so exciting that you might be surprised that this is a free game.  In this game Valentina is a cosmonaut who goes on a ship supervised and cared for by Konstantin as she does the daily chores for her mission. You’ll put yourself in Valentina’s shoes for this great adventure, where the perception of reality changes as you progress through the journey.

Stories are woven that you can change with your actions, so everything is unpredictable. The narratives change again and again, bringing much more emotion to the game. You could feel lost, being this one of Angest’s values, give you a lot of fun and enjoyment. This is a surreal journey presented by Black River Studios to play with yours Samsung Gear VR.

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