If you are one of those who like alien invasions and military force fights them, this is your game. This VR Action Game has been heavily downloaded in recent months for its gameplay. Many believe that B Team’s graphics are one of the best currently for Virtual Reality games.

As the name implies, you are part of Team B, and you must fight the alien invasion that is attacking the planet and kick their asses. You must dodge attacks, get ahead and attack your enemies very offensively. Also, you must survive many deadly traps and avoid several obstacles along the way.

In the game, these aliens are very hard to kill, so you must fight them again and again using your weapons. One thing that this game also has that its users love, is that you have some riddles in your way put by aliens. For this reason, you must put your mind to the test to solve all the challenges that are imposed on you and as fast as possible. Through this game you can show what you are made of and take out your inner soldier.

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