Bad Dream VR Cardboard Horror

Android VR, Shooters, Zombies


With this horror vr game you will live a dark experience that will give you goosebumps.  We are not going to lie to you: it will be difficult to move forward in the game since it is really scary, but it is worth feeling!

Bad Dream VR Cardboard Horror:

Bad Dream VR Cardboard Horror has effects, graphics and scary atmosphere: the spatial sound as you progress along your path will make you tremble!  In this virtual reality experience, you will walk through a dark building, where you will find yourself in its rooms and narrow corridors with undead, monsters and serial killers who will go for you!

This horror vr game is compatible with all vr headphones (Google cardboard, virtual vizor, homido, freefly, VR Box), in addition, you can play without the need for a controller.  The application is completely free for Android.  To start playing, move your body by walking, crawling, and even climbing.  You must do everything possible to save your life!  Remember that you do not know when or where the danger will appear!  (And that’s the most chilling thing).  Dare to experience a dark journey through the journey that Bad Dream VR Cardboard Horror offers you.

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