We have found that this is a game that has become the favorite of more than two million regular seekers of virtual reality games that puts the skin of hedgehog. Day by day players are more demanding and want more real excitement. That’s why they look for what triggers their imaginative potential and places them in strange worlds that directly move all their senses. This is the side of Bait, a VR game that gives you the option to immerse yourself so much that you can forget about the world.


If you had a problem that overwhelmed you, when you play Bait, you will forget it for complety. That’s why players say, “It’s a great experience that has given me hours of endless fun”. In this game, you’re going to fish with a rod and bait. Remember to choose the perfect bait! Throw your first fishing rod and from then on you’ll be fascinated by the dynamics of the game.

What’s the mission? Simply help the Bait Island boss catch rare fish and save the oceanarium from ruin. You’ll catch rare fish, and in the meantime, you’ll make friends with the locals.  You are an employee of the oceanarium and you will also have to try to maintain a relationship with new friends and the boss. Your settings will be four lakes for fishing. These lakes will ecstatic you for their unique beauty and for the different species that each one has.  You’ll have to live to catch one by one in each lake. Do you think you can catch them all? Explore the lake in VR.

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