Let’s talk about BAMF VR, a fun virtual reality platform game, whose structure and modes of operation are very simple, but which ensures intense fun. It seems a bit exaggerated to say this, when we investigate a little about the way in which such excitement is achieved by playing. You’d think that just pressing a button entry wouldn’t do that much, but it turns out it would. Adrenaline is safely stimulated.

All you need is an Android device and for a complete gaming experience, don’t forget your Google Cardboard. The player very quickly gets into the action of the game, which offers exploration of unknown worlds, in the is collecting in its path an endless number of bright crystals.

The challenges of the game are appearing one by one and each one of them invites to a new exploration. Multiple labyrinths appear from which it is necessary to be knowing how to leave with much intelligence and cunning of this VR platform game. Here the key is to teleport, the player just looks at the ground, and decides where he wants to go, immediately press the button and teleports. This is how it changes scenario and progresses through the game phases.

The player can control everything with his own movements, and the use of a virtual reality device. It is therefore recommended that you play standing up to move with greater agility and give more impact to the game, and enjoy a 360° experience.

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