Batman VRSE

Action, Android VR


Batman comes to show business in the 40’s, where thanks to the characteristics of his character on cover, manages to capture the attention of millions of people while developing in a city called Gothic, here plays a series of feats that make him stand out as a superhero of the night.

VRSE Batman1

Today, the world of virtual reality games has brought this particular character to the Android platform and VRSE application, creating the video game known as Batman VRSE. A particularity of this game is that it does not require augmented reality lenses to use, just have an intelligent device compatible with the Android operating system.

In the interface of the game, Batman must fight against the Joker’s henchmen as he overcomes the threats that alter the order of the city or also, he can face body to body against the Joker and defeat him in a complicated challenge to death.

One of the peculiarities of this game mode is that the user can use the ”batmeran” (Batman Boomerang) with the aim of moving around the city and defeating enemies much faster. Are you ready to face this VRSE game?

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