Battle 360 VR is a virtual reality video game very appropriate for lovers of first person arcade shooter games. Your role will be in this game as an anti-aircraft gunner and the mission to fulfill will be nothing more and nothing less than to defend your own warship from multiple attacks that will occur in airspace.
Battle-360-VREverything you will find in the air will dazzle you, especially because the sound effects of the game, are very well accomplished with a view to give you as much reality as possible. The attacks sound like you’re really in combat. Enemy planes pass very close to your plane to destabilize you, but they don’t succeed because you’re in control, the environment of the game is very realistic, the optimal sharpness what is emphasized with a agitated and dark atmosphere.

To make your experience and emotion more realistic you must use virtual reality (VR) headphones for a good immersion. The game can be used in tablets or android phones and virtual reality glasses such as Durovis Dive or Google Cardboard. It is very important that you know that the application contains ads, but you also have the possibility of deactivating them by purchasing the pro version.

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