With this vr version of BombSquad you will not stop having fun in the different explosive minigames of this amazing vr game.  Remember that you can play alone or with friends, provided you have an internet connection.  Dare to exploit your friends with this virtual reality experience!

BomSquad VR

To play BombSquad VR you will need a hardware gamepad or a second device that runs the BombSquad remote application, you must also create a local account (doesn’t support login to Google play). It includes network multiplayer and free explosions, although there is also the update “BombSquad Pro” (it costs approximately $ 5 USD).  Playing you will know the different characters that make explosive life in each game you start.

This vr game has “plasticine graphics” and the music is very beautiful and enjoyable.  We know that if you like action, battles and playing with friends you will enjoy this game a lot, but you must make sure that your device runs the normal version of BombSquad before testing its vr version. It has very good ratings and reviews from other players who have enjoyed this vr game for a long time (they recommend playing with cardboard BOBOVR)  It is an explosive virtual experience that you cannot stop living!

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