The creators of this game have managed to combine the extraordinary mysteries of a fantastic world of aliens with the concepts of the magic of bygone times, introducing a new idea for VR players. In Break a Leg you’ve been kidnapped by strange creatures unlike humans. They are aliens with eye-catching features. What these strange beings want is to take over the galaxy and then take over other galaxies and worlds that our mind had not been able to reach until now.
In this game unleashes a search for a master illusionist who can control all this evil.

Centuries have gone by searching and have come up with the idea that only a human magician will be able to counteract the situation. Houdini’s great aunt has sealed off access to the mysterious apparatus where you are kidnapped. It is there where the creator of this game goes back to the magic shows of the nineteenth century, to extract from them strategies that lead you to go through multiple stages of a magician’s performance without losing the rhythm.

You will be immersed in this adventure in which by using magic acts you will be able to escape. Aliens do not like to lose, so you will have to be very astute to emerge victorious and escape. Break a Leg is an interactive adventure designed for the Gear VR controller. Created from scratch with apelab’s SpatialStories creation toolkit.

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