The following VR game simulation is recommended for all ages, and has currently had over 10,000 downloads since its inception. This game is a unique experience, as it allows the player to dive into a skyscraper, spray paint buildings and much more. The protagonist must perform many acrobatics between buildings as he jumps them, and the whole environment offers a very well-developed urban style.


Between the bustling city and the extreme activity, the player will be involved in making different decisions while jumping, in small fractions of seconds. This game offers a very incredible mobile VR experience, and gives players unique moments that catch them more and more, so Caaaaardboard! It’s an addictive game too.

In addition to all this, the style of the game allows the protagonist to spray-paint buildings with etiquette and government, creating graffiti and breaking the law, which gives the player extra points through civil disobedience, avoiding legality and sending the devil to authority. The quality of the graphics is very superior in comparison with other games, and to the simple operation of it, and with a very intuitive gameplay, if you want to live a unique and high quality VR experience, don’t hesitate to download this game.

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