Cat Pirate Saga VR

Cat Pirate Saga VR

Action, Adventure, Android VR


In this Fibrum virtual reality game, you’ll be playing pirates. There isn’t a pirate game that doesn’t look for treasure maps, Cat Pirate Saga VR is no exception. You’ll explore mysterious islands, visit dungeons and ships. You’ll have to buy a lot of reinforcements, you can’t handle this whole world of adventures on your own. The properties of the Fibrum applications give you the maximum of VR fun. You’ll feel it in your skin, you’ll fall into the void, you’ll ride a big spinner, a roller coaster or a swing and the vertigo you feel will be real. Each attraction takes you on a new journey full of emotions.

Cat Pirate Saga VRIn this game you will enjoy a full sphere stereoscopic vision, i.e. 360° 3D cinema. How will you play it? To experience this excitement use your virtual reality glasses, your headphones, FIBRUM and Google Cardboard. Cat Pirate Saga VR is compatible with different virtual reality headphones (also known as HMD).

Your smartphone must have a gyroscope to be compatible with Cat Pirate Saga VR. Your mobile must be connected to a wifi access point just like those of your other friends who are playing with you.  This application also implements a freemium system, which allows you to play for free during the trial period. If you wish to continue playing, enter a code that will allow you unlimited access to it. To do this, simply register quickly on the Fibrum Platform.

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