Chernobyl VR Project

Horror, Samsung Gear VR, Shooters


What happened in Chernobyl was one of the most important historical events in history, and you can relive it through this game. This VR Documentary seeks to tell the story behind this tragedy through a personal perspective. More than a game, this app is a story, however, in recent times it has been one of the most downloaded. His mechanics have impressed many people around the world.

The graphics are very sophisticated, as are the places that you will be able to see, and their photographs, which are very impressive. Locations and buildings also show raw images. The reality that you will be able to observe through this app will make you enter the skin of those who lived this event in reality years ago and could not live to tell it.

All the documentary will be shown in a place called “Farm 51”. This site had the mission of trying to rescue the majority of possible survivors. You can see family ties broken by tragedy and much anguish, getting a little closer to the reality that these people lived in the past. Through Chernobyl VR Project you will be able to notice a couple more things from the biggest disaster in Ukraine.

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