Do you like roller coasters? You know perfectly the sensations that are experienced when climbing one of these great attractions where vertigo is what stands out in your experience. Now you will have the opportunity to be in one of these devices, the most fun you could ever imagine in a VR roller coasters. This is only possible with Coaster Combat, which is an action game combining the experience on the roller coaster. It’s a very immersive virtual reality application, so once you start playing it, you’ll become hopelessly addicted to the fun.


In Coaster Combat, you’ll be able to enter into both attractions, some more exciting than others, causing your interest to rise. You will be very comfortable while you play and from your place of leisure you are going to make combinations of varied tracks in your game. Fantastic worlds open before your eyes, you’ll be in beautiful pirate paradises or enchanted castles for those who like the climax of suspense and fear.  No two attractions will ever be the same! So enter the combat attraction using a variety of themed weapons to hit many treasures by the hand of your.

Don’t play alone if you don’t want to, invite your friends and motivate them to play with you in the social miltijugador option. They’ll be able to plot their own scoring challenges.
Play on Gear VR Platform, with Gear VR Controllers and Touchpad

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