At Colonicle, you’ll be in total battle. You will have to look for perfect strategies to become the winner. There are many obstacles you will have to face, but you are skilful and audacious and therefore you will succeed. This is an extremely interesting Virtual Reality game that offers two great ways to play it.

Colonicle For Gear VR

1.- For 5 minutes you will be able to face each other in a “Death Combat”. You will be in battle and while that happens you will win an elimination score. You have to get more points than your opponent and that’s the great mission of the game: to beat him!

2.- You will see a map and in it you will have to seize the territories that are in the center, occupy them before your opponent team, don’t get distracted and seize the spaces. You will climb over the territories by special areas and this will give you points. You have to accumulate points faster and faster, because there are probably members of the opposing team also trying to occupy the space. The points will be “occupation points”. When you reach 100% of occupied territories you will be the winner. You will have to be able to move and jump around the map to gain ground.

The dynamism that Colonicle for Gear VR brings to the player is really authentic. It is enjoyed almost realistically what we already know is a virtual reality. Its graphics are designed in such a way that the player is able to immerse himself in each scenario and get lost in them, feeling that he is there, really battling.

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