Commando Adventure Shooting VR

Android VR, Shooters


Version 1.8 of Commando Adventure Shooting VR brings us the virtual reality update, its interface consists of overcoming several battles with different levels of intensity while surviving in the body of an armed soldier, who will not be afraid to face any obstacle in order to fulfil its mission.

Its game modes are through Gamepad and virtual reality, with them you can enjoy the most amazing user experience ever seen on mobile devices. Tulip Apps has managed to reduce the download time and compressible weight of the game to just 53.89 MB. This is available for the Android 4.0 or later operating systems. With more than 500,000 downloads, this popular game has generated a trend in the world of Gamers. So if you want to fight for your life in close combat with hundreds of enemy soldiers, Commando Adventure Shooting VR is for you.

You will be able to use different armaments as you go up in experience in each mission, in the same way you will have to discover the strategies of the level to overcome them, so you will have to practice a couple of times if what you want is to obtain a resounding victory thanks to your skills .

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