Commando Adventure Shooting VR

Commando Adventure Shooting VR

Android VR, Shooters


A virtual reality app that puts you in front of a war battle that you will feel that you are living it in flesh and blood, it is also in the first person, so the feeling of immersion will be intensified. The playable mechanics of this game make you experience that you are really fighting body to body with your opponents. You won’t always need to use your hands on your mobile screen, as you can try the external Gamepad and Virtual Reality (VR) command options.

Commando Adventure Shooting VR

You must look for the best strategies to shoot successfully and guarantee your survival. The graphics in this game are truly realistic in 3D and are designed to make the thrill of combat increasingly intense with dynamic lighting and amazing killing effects. The game mechanics will take you to the real battle zone. Your enemies try to shoot down your combat helicopter with a missile, you’ll need quick reflexes and your aim won’t fail. You can escape by a path you’ll find outside the enemy army, who have very advanced weapons; assault rifles, machine guns and are excellent snipers.

Death is very near, attacking these powerful enemies requires many skills. The fire is automatic you only have to take a look at the enemies and know how to shoot, for each defeated enemy you will win gold coins. This game is compatible with virtual reality glasses and all Android devices.

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