Contro VR Game for Cardboard

Android VR, Shooters


Contro VR Game created by Gameyan Studio and the Android operating system brings with it the operational interface of a space soldier fighting against an enemy military headquarters, his goal is to survive the defenses and open floodgates to free himself from this intergalactic prison. The game modes vary in intensity and style, where you can select from the easy to the difficult level, it is important to know that each scenario you overcome will make the enemy defenses much stronger and more resistant to your shots, so you must create a strategy and improve your weaponry to win the battle.


In addition, you have the acceleration mode or normal and virtual reality. You’ll have motion sensors in virtual reality mode, allowing you to dodge the laser rays of enemy weapons, play this VR shooter game you will find it exciting. In the upper left you will have a yellow bar that will be the amount of life you will have in each scenario, while you in the right you will have a red bar that will be the points accumulated to pass the level.

Among the features required by the game, you need a medium or high range device to optimize the user experience and avoid problems during games. It weighs 73 MB and requires Android 4.1 or later versions.

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