Cube World VR Platform

Android VR, Puzzles


Discover the wonderful world of geometry with Cube World VR Platform, specially designed for the Android operating system, this game in its version 1.9 offered by Vishesh Games integrates the functionality of augmented reality, allowing a fantastic appreciation of details in third dimension.

Cube World VR Platform with its enhanced resolution mode immersed allows you to experience the game more clearly in its various levels, where you will have to collect coins and keys to open different doors, continuing the adventure has never been so fun. Thanks to its more than 5,000 downloads, this game has positioned itself as one of the most downloaded in just 2 months after its launch. The world of geometry and virtual reality come together to form dynamic interfaces, with increasingly complicated modes.

Do not get frustrated; with practice you can overcome them easier and easier. This game can be transported to other dimensions, with which you can make it compatible with Google’s Oculos Focus, Play Station, Xbox 360 or augmented reality glasses easily purchased from Amazon or Google Store. So, download it and enjoy a fairly entertaining game, immerse yourself in the musical repertoire that will go according to the rhythm of the game.

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