If you want to feel like you’re wearing a warrior suit in the past, this is the game for you. Cursed Sanctum is a Virtual Reality game that takes you to scenarios of the remote past, you’ll feel like you’re in the character’s skin. Here you will be Guunthar, son of Grom and you will have a great mission that you can not evade. There is a cursed sanctuary that contains many mysteries, from it emerge evil actions against Hallund’s people. Only you can save them.

Cursed Sanctum

Evil has all inhabitants in total terror. They feel defeated, but they trust you and you can’t let them down. You will walk and fight and for that you must analyze each situation to get your move right.

There are many dangers you will have to overcome. The creator of this game, Arabian Art Studios, took great pains to come up with ways to put players in a situation that they’ll feel real, thanks to the 3D graphics so well made for GO. He develops a first-person VR experience for you to enjoy every challenge in this interactive story presented to you in the game.

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