Do you remember the classic game Duck Hunt?  In Cyclops Duck Hunt VR, that old story is recounted, but now in virtual reality.  Put on your vr headphones and go on the adventure! In this vr game you will play as an apocalyptic post alien.  Within the story a group of evil and careless engineers released an army of mutant ducks;  but don’t be surprised if these ducks seem like something… bizarre.

Cyclops Duck Hunt VR

When you start the game, you will see that within it there are the duckbots (robot ducks), zombie ducks, and the most infamous of all, the ducks, Trump ducks (Donald Trump ducks).  These mutant ducks are so powerful that the only force capable of confronting this army of ducks on earth is the Alien Cyclops with its arsenal of laser weapons, to which you belong and are the protagonist!

You can play Cyclops Duck Hunt VR in standard mode or in virtual reality mode (in both ways, the graphics are very colorful and look really good!).  If you will play in vr mode, place your phone in your vr viewer.  To play, move quickly to where the mutant ducks appear and shoot with your laser.  Being able to play in these two modes, this is a fairly accessible game for most Android devices and players of all kinds.  Be sure to have fun with this strange but creative virtual reality story!

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