Dead and Buried is a game for those who like total action. Shooting has always been a subject that many people criticize, but it turns out that when it comes to video games, it’s different, because it’s about activating the creative potential to know what and when to shoot, to get pure emotion.


In this shooting game for Samsung Gear VR, you’ll be guaranteed 100% adrenaline doses. You’ll have to carry a revolver in your hand but this one only has six shots. You’ll be fighting the hordes of demons that are in an old tavern and are also in the gold mines.

Best of all, you won’t be playing alone, other players will be connected in multiplayer battles in Quickdraw, and you’ll have to fight them too. As soon as you start the game you need to be very attentive and ready for the test of bravery, courage and above all cunning.  It has several levels and in them you will be able to advance towards your goal which becomes more and more demanding. The scenarios you will love their graphics are very nice and will give you the idea that you are really immersed in them.

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