How do I know if my smartphone has a gyroscope?

Nowadays most games and apps are not compatible with Android without gyroscope, that’s why it’s so important to have this on our Smartphone. The good thing is that now there are very few mobiles that don’t have it, since the latest generation do.

To talk a little about what the gyroscope is, it is basically an internal sensor that gives orientation as we move the smartphone. It is related to virtual reality, but more than anything with the games and apps available, because with the help of VR viewers, you can observe in the axis of depth, which gives us a 3D vision and 360° with the 3 axes available.

How do I know if I have installed the gyroscope?

To know this, you can look at the hardware features of your device, if it has gyroscope, should appear in the specifications or technical details. You can also see it in the list of phones that have gyroscope. Or you can search in the tools or in the configuration of your smartphone to see if in any of those places they mention this sensor to calibrate it.

There are applications to detect if our mobile has gyroscope. You can download certain apps to find out if our smartphone has a gyroscope, for example:

  • CPU-Z: Allows you to identify the information of the device such as its name, brand, model, RAM memory, temperature, battery and most importantly in this case, sensors it has.
  • Gyroscope Test (VR Checker): This app does a compatibility analysis with virtual reality detecting if you have the gyroscope using certain tests.
  • EZE VR: Same as the previous ones, this app detects if we have this sensor by means of tests, it also detects the compatibility with RV viewers such as Google Cardboard.
  • Sensor Box: This app analyzes the sensors of temperature, proximity, sound, accelerometer, pressure and magnetic of the mobile to let us know the result.
  • Sensors Test: As we can imagine by name, this app performs internal tests to investigate the hardware it has.
  • Multitool Sensors: This app is the right one if you are looking for a diagnosis of the smartphone hardware. It detects very valuable information as well as if everything works as it should.
  • Phone Tester: Maybe it gives us a little annoyance to manually check the hardware of a mobile, as it can be a tedious task, but this app for sndroid makes a compilation and shows in an organized and specific way the connections, battery, phone information, system, GPS and most importantly here, the sensors.
  • AndroSensor: This app detects and gives us information about pressure, temperature, humidity, and of course, about the gyroscope.
  • Z-Device Test: Runs test tests and makes sure that the mobile sensors work correctly or have errors or faults. In addition, it compares the results among more than 600 different models.
  • Phone Doctor Plus: Finally, we have that this app identifies and detects all the problems, they can be of memory, storage, failures in the sensors, among others more, and marks them with a red signal that means alert.

Is it possible to install a virtual gyroscope in Android?

It’s feasible, because when the game Pokémon GO came out and became famous, it required this sensor, so many people looked for a way to install it. You can simulate or emulate this sensor without root, but there are some risks. Finally we want to make it clear that the virtual gyroscope can manipulate the missing sensor in our device.