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Most videogame fans are always looking forward to new titles that they can acquire through websites, and that feature advances and updates, proving how the how technology was applied and its improvements in videogames. Entering to the virtual reality world is another way to escape from the routine, that’s why this time we will be talking about VR games. This is a website that organizes the most innovative games of a wide selection of categories, apps and information about the virtual reality topic.

In addition, this blog is always renewing and improving the games offered. The success of this site has been so great, that has been striving to achieve the promotion of video games that can be downloaded through smart phones and tablets with Android as an operating system. Within the same page you can find a section that shows the variety in categories for you to select the video game that you prefer.

How to download VR games on your Android?

All games in general can be downloaded through Google Play Store, because it is the official store for Android, and it should be noted that these are presented in APK format. In the interest of obtaining a video game, you must take into account the completion of the different steps that will lead you to download it.

First of all, the website will share a brief description of the videogame, so that it provides the necessary information to get to know it. Subsequently, the download link will be shown, directing the user towards Play Store, where they can start the download process, only if the smartphone has all the requirements for the Android version.

The last step is to configure the viewer of the cell phone to get optimal performance and enjoy the resolution.

Android devices and VR games

There are certain devices that generate compatibility with reality games for Android, among them we have: Google Cardboard, Google Daydream View, VR Box. The purpose of these devices is to produce a virtual reality interface in 3D and 360° and a better appreciation of the videogame.

Some devices show tutorials to achieve a good installation and use of them. However, there are also smartphones that are already compatible with virtual reality, the advancement of technology has also been responsible for incorporating some very specific requirements for these phones to manipulate these games.

Some requirements are: Screen resolution, CPU processor and ram memory, storage capacity, etc. Each requirement must be taken with great importance, since it will determine the quality and how the game will be enjoyed.

Here are some of the phones compatible with VR Box, Google Cardboard and other virtual reality glasses: LG G4, Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, Apple Iphone, 6S Plus and 6S, Sony Xperia Z5, and so on.