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We know that Google is a pioneer in terms of technology, which is why it has its virtual reality platform, which uses a folding cardboard viewer to give a virtual environment. This cardboard can be assembled by hand by putting the pieces together or buying the prefabricated elements, which are cheaper. In this case, you can make the Cardboard from Google without having to buy it.

How to make a homemade Cardboard visor?

The first thing is that we must obtain lenses or circular glasses, velcro, cardboards, elastic bands and finally, magnets. As for the assembly instructions, we recommend that you download the PDF document offered by the Google platform, there you can see the steps you must follow, as well as the measurements and more valuable information for you to assemble your home Cardboard as it should be. In the official site of Google VR which is responsible for everything that has to do with virtual reality, you can buy the structures of the Cardboard already pre assembled and marked to build it without any problem, but doing it on your own is a great alternative if you don’t know where you can get the Google VR viewer.

When you have finished the assembly, you only have to download the Cardboard app in Play Store; its function is to know the virtual reality games offered.

Function of the Cardboard viewer

Glass lenses have the most important function, since they work like a magnifying glass by generating a depth effect. The great virtual reality experience that can be obtained by mounting the smartphone on the viewfinders and having the correct VR apps is incomparable.

Related to requirements and compatibility, the viewer you are going to buy depends a lot on the smartphone you have, as it must be adapted to the screen of the same. In almost all VR glasses that are available from Google, you need a device with a screen of minimum 4 inches and maximum 6.5 inches, but this value may vary, so you must first review their features. As for the software, we must have at least version 4.1 of Android, or a more updated, in order to achieve greater compatibility with the VR apps for Android.

Cardboard head set prices

The price depends a lot on the viewer, since there is a great variety, but the average price is between $5 and $69.95. For example, the Knox V2 costs only $7, while the View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer Mattel is priced at $39.99.

What can we do with the Google Cardboard VR viewer?

You may be thinking about buying a virtual reality viewer but you’re not sure what it’s for, but you may be surprised that it’s super useful when it comes to overcoming boredom. Among the things you can do is travel to space, you can know other planets, know more about the solar system and constellations, you can also walk on the moon, among other activities that have to do with knowing space.

You can also watch videos on YouTube with a 360° angle. This is undoubtedly one of the best activities you can do with the viewers, since watching the videos with a 360° angle, that is, with a panoramic view, is obviously much better than watching them as we are used to. You can get to know other cities in the world, like for example the dreamed Paris, to visit the Eiffel Tower, but if you want a better graphic quality when you get to know the world, you can download the Streetview app from Google.

There are also several games that you can enjoy that you can download through Play Store, and the best thing is that they have a lot of variety to them, to cover everyone’s tastes.

How about touring a haunted house? You can also find these kinds of things in the horror section, which allows you to see places that can be scary and very interesting.

How to use the VR viewer?

The first thing to do is to have the VR helmet armed and verify that the gyroscope is active, although not all virtual reality apps need it to work perfectly, but most do. Then we must run the app and place the smartphone in the viewer with the screen facing us. Finally, we must configure and calibrate to enjoy a unique experience.

In conclusion, the Google Cardboard visor is one of the things we can do ourselves, which is a great advantage. So if you want to experience the incredible feeling of virtual reality, make your own visor with the instructions we give you and save the money you could spend when buying a virtual reality helmet.