Droid Hunter VR

Action, Android VR, Shooters


This VR shooter game is dedicated to people over the age of 13. Being compatible with all devices on the market, the plot of this wonderful game is about a spaceship with deadly robots that was hit by a ship where the protagonist was. After falling here, he must fight to survive the attacks of these cyber beings, who won’t rest for a second in their attempt to end your life..

Droid Hunter VR

The Droid Hunter VR is an action game that has the cardboard base of VR Engine, that is, it is Virtual Reality. It is an action shooting RPG that takes place in the first person, and among the novelties involved in this exciting shooter, is the shooting mechanism of Sci Fi, which has surprised players. The game time is unlimited, so you can spend hours playing it non-stop.

It is an entertaining game without the need for a deep story, capable of de-stressing the player for a while, and currently has more than 5,000 downloads. It is simply a game suitable for those who do not ask for much and want some violence and blood, and this is why it has become one of the most popular VR shooter games in recent times.

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