The next VR Shooter Game is one of the best in terms of zombie themes. Its graphics are the most sophisticated and the plot is also very exciting. This game will make you jump, move, shoot, dodge, run and much more. Hordes and hordes of zombies is what awaits you in this game, and you must defeat them one by one to get as far as possible. Making your way through all the zombies will not be easy, but you must do it while you get weapons, refills and first aid kits to heal.

Something unique that has this game, is that all weapons are futuristic and incredible. Pistols, cannons and grenades are not like golds games, and you will have to perform many missions where you must use them. The armies of the walking dead are controlled by a dangerous enemy, whom you must defeat to save the world.

Drop Dead for Gear VR has several game modes, such as survival mode and adventure mode. In the first one, you can play alone or with a friend and you will have to face as many zombie hordes as possible before you fall dead. For the second, there is a very interesting and exciting plot.

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