Egypt Chamber VR - Cardboard

Egypt Chamber VR – Cardboard

Android VR, Educational, Entertainment


Egypt Chamber VR – Cardboard is a total immersion game with high quality 3D graphics, which gives you the great opportunity to connect with stories from ancient Egypt. Who wouldn’t want to walk through the world of the Egyptians and learn about their culture?

The Egyptians bequeathed to us a number of wonders that passed into the history of civilization as great milestones. Well, this VR videogame takes you back to the remote past, so you can experience that time and live it as if you were on a time trip. Being in Egypt in virtual reality, you will find one of so many cameras of the pyramids. You will enter it and the emotion begins when you try to get out. Do you think you can make it?

The compatibility with virtual reality viewers, ranging from, for example, the Google Cardboard and even others like the Samsung Gear, will certainly provide you with a unique adventure. Being in these scenarios so different from those of our time, you generate a great emotion, the game has atmospheres of very real very detailed landscapes of ancient Egypt. Having the Egyptian pyramids before your eyes is really shocking. The original, intense soundtrack designed by FX is dark and suspenseful, emphasizing a sense of fear.

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