This VR Adventure Game integrates spatial elements in its playability and plot, but above all, of elevators. The story focuses on you as a repairman, who has to meet the president’s demands to build his space elevator. It should be noted that the president is very ridiculous in himself and his elevator tends to be unstable. As the story progresses their orders become more wild, however, the missions become more intrepid as well.

Through this game you can experience what it is like to be in space while you explore, build and much more. You will find a lot of interesting things as the story progresses and fulfill the missions that are assigned to you little by little.

Many describe it as a VR game very didactic, that makes you feel free and at ease while trying to build an elevator to the moon. Complete each level so you can move forward and get rewards. Likewise, the humor that this game has is special and unique, being a different experience from the others, full of madness and where you can find all the collectibles of the story.

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