How to emulate a gyroscope in your smartphone?

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Recently the use of the gyroscope in mobile devices has become very important, as nowadays almost all apps and games require it to be used. Since the gyroscope came out, many people want to enjoy the pleasure of playing VR games, and others features that offer virtual reality, but unfortunately not all devices have the gyroscope to achieve this. Fortunately, the solution to this problem was found very quickly, with a strategy that only requires a simple series of steps. That’s why here we’ll tell you how you can get this sensor if you don’t have one.

How to emulate a gyroscope?

The way to emulate the gyroscope in your Android smartphone is if you use the magnetic sensor and the accelerometer of your mobile. This way has already been proven and is being used by thousands and thousands of people around the world who also had this problem, making their lives much easier to have the gyroscope to be able to use all the apps and games normally.

Steps to download the gyroscope

But as for the steps to enjoy this sensor, you must first download the files from the Android virtual gyroscope to the internal memory of your Smartphone, never to the SD card. Following this, you must download Root Explorer, and for this app to work, you must accept special permissions so that your mobile allows its use. To grant this writing permission you only have to access the path “/system/etc/permissions” and then select the option “Mount R/W”. Finally just paste the .xml file, which was downloaded in step number one, into the folder, change the permissions of the gyroscope.xml to rw-r-r-(644).

Once you install the APK gyroscope, you must restart the smartphone, and if you have correctly completed each and every one of the steps required to have the gyroscope, you should already be able to use it correctly without any inconvenience and thus enjoy all the games and virtual reality apps that need this sensor for its proper functioning. After this great and incredible discovery that was made after the Pokémon GO game came out, the game experiences are even better and with this article you won’t be left without enjoying them.

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