Action, Android VR, Shooters


This is an incredible VR game with that science fiction show that you see in the movies that you like so much. But how is this possible? You see, Emulated Pyrons VR is a game with futuristic atmosphere where humanity exists in a virtual space in the year 2144. The objective is to capture communication pylons in a city infested by Verktorbots. And best of all, this is the first VR game designed for mobile devices that use Google Daydream technology. The download is free, but make sure you have a driver before you do it!


The first version of this VR game includes a training mission and six missions with unique maps. This game has very attractive graphics in the cyberpunk style. So if you like action, you can’t stop living this virtual reality experience.
To live in this futuristic world you’ll need Google Daydream View glasses and a mobile compatible with this technology, but keep in mind that the Daydream controller isn’t compatible with this game, so you’ll need too a bluetooth controller. Once it’s connected and paired, turn off the NFC of your mobile to start the cardboard app in Daydream. Finally, click on “Controller Setup” and follow the instructions on the screen to configure your controller. Now, let the fun begin! Don’t forget that if you are passionate about missions, this game is made especially for you.

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