Get ready! Vertigo takes hold of you. If you’re one of those who can’t resist sudden movements, you’ll have to learn to bear them, otherwise you’ll be missing out on the great opportunity to play Epic Roller Coasters for Gear VR. The developer of this game has thought that you do not feel an extreme dizziness, so it has incorporated several modes of visualization.

Epic Roller Coasters for Gear VR

This virtual reality game really makes you feel like you’re in a real roller coaster. You’ll find amazing places that you’d probably never visit in real life.. It offers fun in many scenarios that you enjoy thanks to its 3D graphics. The sound is extraordinary because it gives more impact to what you experience on the roller coaster.

This game is versatile as you can play it in four modes:

1.- Single player: It’s great because everyone who wants to play will be able to make their own journey.
2.- Multiplayer game: Just as you do in real life, you can share the experience with your friends. Take selfies to make the game more fun.
3.- Career mode: You will be able to control the cars at your convenience, always in a challenging attitude. Your friends will have to maneuver a lot to be better than you in the races, the truth is that we do not believe that it is possible, because you are the ace of the wheel.
4.- Shooting mode: Here the slow motion will make you appreciate the trip in a different way. You will be able to aim at high speed too. What you want is to earn points and you’re going to achieve it.

All this becomes more exciting with one or two virtual companions who seem very real by their behaviors: they laugh, cry, scream etc. As you can see in this tour you will be able to choose from several options. Choose the one that makes you have the most fun. A roller coaster in VR it’s fun guaranteed

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