Escape Legacy VR – FREE Virtual Reality Game

Adventure, Android VR, Puzzles


Feel the adrenaline that time is running out and you must escape from a dangerous room as soon as possible, and maybe when you’re in the game you’ll wonder how if there’s apparently no way out? But that’s exactly what you’ll have to do, find it. Join the clues, analyse the objects around you and come up with an escape plan.

Escape Legacy VR

Adrenaline, emotion and suspense are some of the sensations that Escape Legacy VR will generate for you. A totally realistic experience in which, Erika, your character will have to investigate every corner of the room where it is. That’s the only way out. It’s like a puzzle game but with a clock that measures the time you have to complete the mission.

This application can be accessed through the Bluetooth Gamepad if you like. The recommendation is to use equipment with modern CPU to fully enojoy the game, but even accepts mid-range devices with good performance. It is an interactive game in which the player must have mental agility and dexterity to overcome 10 levels and escape from more than 80 different rooms.  Entertaining, challenging and totally fun, ideal for playing in VR mode.

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