It’s a Google VR application that takes care of moving you through the virtual world to a number of tourist sites around the world and even the universe, where you can appreciate from the beauty of a landscape to the smallest detail of a constellation, all thanks to virtual reality.

Among the functions in which you can use this application is the guided tour, where the teacher in a classroom can teach a range of knowledge of the place and visualized object. One of the most outstanding features is that Expeditions has tools connected to the Google browser.

These tools will allow you to learn, without the need for a teacher guide, about the history of the object or place that you want to appreciate through virtual reality. Another important aspect is that you will be able to access the region or object you want to visit without having to connect to the Internet once you have downloaded and stored the database contained in them.

Finally, Expeditions has an option to interact with other users or explorers in real time, while studying or observing the objects and places in question, this with the intention of changing concepts or perspectives.

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