With this game we guarantee that your ability to amaze, which has never been tested at such high levels before, will now explode with a vivid impression. This is a great opportunity to test yourself, and be sure to experience the multiple sensory experiences offered by Face Your Fears. This virtual reality game oriented to Gear VR has been designed without sparing any effort to think, all the possible terrifying experiences that could be in a game of this nature, masterfully combined with experiences that are disturbing but fun and very mysterious.

In each scenario that you will travel as if it were real, you will find creapy  women, many ghosts and even robots. They are everywhere, look around you but don’t stop looking behind and above you, because they stalk you and can take you anywhere.  The darkness where you will find is key, because in it you never know what awaits you in the middle of the shadows in this spooky VR horror game.

Call your friends and share this experience. You’ll have fun watching them scream and startled just like you. You have the option of using it from supported platforms such as Samsung Gear VR.

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