Day by day technology surprises us and currently there are a lot of ways to enjoy and not to be bored. One of the best ways to do is playing virtual reality video games. Today you will discover one of the best VR video games, called Flats.


This video game can be played as single player, including survival, headshot challenge and assortment, or multiplayer, including team deathmatch, deathmatch, capture the flag, territories, blow up the base (bomb), VIP and Co-op survival and Zombie. And basically what you have to do is trying to kill people while wandering around a map.This game figure our as one of the most colorful virtual reality video games now.

As its features we will find supported Cardboard and Android TV that need controllers; supported major controllers; all weapons are free; to play multiplayer, you do not need to sign up, just download and play for free;  even if it is a different platform, you can send your saved data to other devices in LAN; it is cross platform, for Android, iOS and Windows, for PC and even for phone.

The graphics of this VR videogame are not the best and will not win any awards, but you have to download this game and discover the fun factor it has. It is a free VR video game, so you do not have to pay anything to download and start enjoying it. You can find this game in the following link.

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