This VR app is definitely a perfect choice for lot of fun. It will look like you have become a nice frog living in a swamp. She doesn’t know how to go alone, you must guide her through her own ecosystem, as well as feed on insects, which like all frogs is her favorite dish and greatest temptation.

It is a game directed for the smallest of the house, in which they will be able to train in the matter of virtual reality. And marvel at all it has to offer a 360 degree experience. Children will enjoy saving the frog from a malevolent caiman who wants to eat it at the first opportunity. As you pass tests you’ll get bonuses, making it a simple game adapted for children. It’s important to use a virtual reality glasses, such as Google Cardboard and headphones, to enjoy the detailed graphics and make the experience much more immersive.

The sound carefully blends into the action in an extraordinary way. The app uses a freemium system that offers a 360 VR experience for all tastes, this game guarantees excitement and entertainment. Froggy VR will soon gain space between your favorite games thanks to its playability and VR mode.

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