Funny Farm VR - Pollen Pursuit & By The Horns

Funny Farm VR – Pollen Pursuit & By The Horns

Android VR, Animals


Enjoy the best user experience with this virtual reality game that Food Zoo INC brings to you through the Play Store platform. Travel through different rural places using a flight simulator, with which you will feel in the body of a pollinating bee as you travel through barns, flowered fields, corn crops, among many other scenarios.

Funny Farm VR - Pollen Pursuit & By The Horns

Funny Farm VR is not just any farm simulator, in which you can add points as you follow the pollen trails through all the landscapes of the field arranged just for you with a 360º viewing angle, so you’ll never miss even the smallest detail that happens around you in this incredible interactive interface, with a quality of cartoon-like graphics that you’ll love..

It’s controls are extremely simple, use the motion sensor of your smartphone and go wherever you want, to gain experience in the game and discover the surprises it has for you, we suggest you follow the pollen paths arranged around the world of Funny Farm VR. So, what are you waiting to live a truly intuitive and immersive experience? Download it now and be part of this amazing VR farm trip with all your favorites animals.

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