Do you want to download games for Microsoft Hololens?

If you like the world of games and virtual reality, you’ve come to the right place. To start, we want to talk to you about Hololens glasses, a device created by Microsoft with very interesting features that have been a resounding success in the market. This is due to the simple operation they have, but the simple does not take away how fascinating they are. Once you put these glasses on, you begin to see many VR and 3D effects that give the feeling that you are in a realistic world of a somewhat distant future, but wonderful. But it not only reproduces images that other people can also see, as it is able to create their own images that only those who wear glasses can observe.

Games for Microsoft Hololens

The first thing you should know is that some games for this device already come installed with it when you buy the deveice, so you’ll start enjoying this great world from the very first moment. Among the games that come included are Roboraid, in which you must fight against rivals and kill them only by making movements with your head; Young Conker, in which a character is guided to a fantastic adventure; and also Fragments, which is a high-tech thriller.

As this is a new technology, the software available is somewhat limited when compared to other VR viewers,, but work is already underway. In a short time we will be able to enjoy games and apps such as Holostudio, which is built in 3D and handles everything with the movements of his head, or Skype Holographic, which will give that touch of virtual reality to their video calls.

Movies and videos for Microsoft Hololens

The company that created these glasses, Microsoft, shared a video some time ago in which they show the characteristics of Microsoft Hololens hardware, so that they could better understand how this device works and how users will hallucinate after putting on their glasses. In addition to playing and using other apps, you can also watch movies and videos, which attracts a lot of attention and makes this experience even more incredible.

Where can I get these glasses?

These virtual reality glasses can be found in almost every country that normally sells these products, in stores that sell technology devices, or directly on Microsoft’s official website. Today there are two models, the Commercial Suite and the Development Edition.

Hololens Price

It’s estimated that you can get these amazing virtual reality glasses for $3000, definitely not a cheap option but one that compensates for its impressive quality.