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As we know technology is capable of creating devices that were thought impossible to make, today we have Gear VR, an innovation that are considered the Glasses of virtual reality, developed by the Samsung Electronics. The functionality that exists in these glasses is based on two fundamental elements: The optics are completely optimized to project an image style that is peculiar can generate an impression of immersion and deeper projection. The next element are sensors that the glasses have, which allows to make movements with the head that adjust to the vision.

The Samsung Gear VR is formed by a helmet, which at the same time is composed by 4 pieces: A visor of plastic material, a strip of velcro with plastic lock, a long strip and an elastic strip that is longer than the other strips. After the VR glasses are assembled, the next step would be to install the official Gear VR application, where you can download applications or games that were developed by skillful programmers. It is necessary the use of the WiFi and that the Smartphone is not in silence mode.

Technology and Samsung have always offered us its advances and changes over time, in each occasion we know a new device that we never thought that was going to be created and reaches a very high level within the technological parameters of the actual present.

Steps to install the Samsung Gear VR app

The following steps must be carried out: Insert the compatible smartphone into the helmet slot, then pay attention to some instructions that will be directed by the device, we accept both the conditions and the terms and then proceed to the installation automatically. It is recommended that before using the glasses, modify the length of the strips according to the size of our head so that there are no problems later.

The Gear VR glasses are one of the most innovative devices in all times, not only for its scope in the technological field, but also for the following uses it offers: You get a more specific notion of the most touristic places in the world without having to move from your home, play virtual reality horror games and share with friends from other regions in the section of multiplayer games, likewise you can broadcast live, you can watch your friends or them to you.

There are some phones from Samsung’s Galaxy series that are compatible with Gear VRS8, S8 edge, S9, S9 edge, S10 and Note 9.

Where to buy Gear VR?

In order to acquire this device it is advisable to do it through the official shop of Oculus or Samsung, since we can obtain a new product and that presents guarantee by possible failures. But we can also acquire it through popular markets like eBay, MercadoLibre, Amazon, or similar sales pages.

And if we talk about the prices of the Gear VR from Samsung and the pieces that compose it, these can vary according to the country where it is located, since it is necessary to take into account the tax rates of the country among other aspects.

Things to do with Samsung Gear VR

There are so many things you can do when you have one of this devices so you’ll never be bored again. Among them, if you’re a horror lover, you can play one of the games in this category, as it’s one of the most developed virtual reality games and one of the most requested by users around the world.

And if you don’t think you’re scared of anything, we assure you that these games and apps VR will make your hair stand on end with their scary stories, abnormal beings and horror site tours.

Another thing you can do with this device is to visit the most popular sites in the world, as there are apps that allow us to have a notion and move around the most visited places in the world without having to leave your home and have to travel thousands of miles. You can visit places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Roman Coliseum in Rome, the Great Wall in China or any destination you want to travel to.

You can also enjoy wonderful multiplayer games, where you can compete with your friends. There are racing games such as VR Karts: Sprint, or maybe you’re more of an MMORPG and you can enjoy Herobound: Gladiators, where you can level up and improve your armor. And if strategy and skill are your thing, we’ve got Bonus Points: Dragon Front Beta for you, where you can take turns fighting, and much more.

And if you want to broadcast live, you can demonstrate your skills to get more followers in real time through LiveStream so you can also earn a financial return.

Which is better: Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard?

First of all we must know that both visors are developed by two very prestigious companies, so they are very excellent quality VR visors. In terms of price, we know that the Google Cardboard viewer is made of cardboard, and therefore has a much lower price than the Gear VR, but if we talk about quality, the hardware from Samsung is much more resistant because its materials are harder.

If we talk about the number of VR apps available for each of these devices, the Google Cardboard viewer has a slightly wider repertoire because the Play Store platform has many developers, in addition to the fact that most of these apps are completely free. However, the Oculus shop has better quality apps interface and gameplay, which the previous one does not have, but many of these apps are paid.

Now, in terms of compatibility with smartphones, the Cardboard viewer only needs to comply with the requirement of the screen and the version of the operating system, while the Gear VR is limited only to the latest mobile Galaxy series mentioned before.

In conclusion, the two viewers are of very good quality. But whoever has as priority the best quality and can pay a rather high price, will choose Gear VR, and who is not so fond but still wants to enjoy an experience in virtual reality without paying so much, will choose Google Cardboard.

Apps and games available for Gear VR

Among the most popular games are undoubtedly: The Hospital: Allison’s Diary, Drop Dead, Titans of Space Plus, Overtake VR Traffic Racing, Wands, Cursed Sanctum, Our Dinosaur Era, Roller Coaster, Solar System, Minecraft Gear VR Edition, Hitman GO: VR Edition, Land’s End Netflix VR, among many others, but these are considered the best for Gear VR.