Gravity Pull – VR Puzzle Game

Android VR, Puzzles


Gravity Pull – VR Puzzle Game, is one of the most downloaded VR puzzle games in recent times, especially because it is suitable for all ages. This puzzle has a very simple gameplay, and is inspired by other puzzle games on the market, yet it offers guaranteed entertainment and fun for the player. Part of what needs to be done is to solve 16 incredible puzzles, where cubes must be strategically placed on the various switches to open the different doors.

Gravity Pull - VR Puzzle Game

Each room must be carefully explored at all angles. The entry technique of the game is ideal to navigate in each of the rooms and know where exactly the protagonist is located.

The creators of this game have paid a lot of attention to the functionality of following the player in each of the levels, so you have a very simple gameplay by means of the joystick game. The player can configure the joystick not to perform predetermined actions, such as just walk forward or backward. In terms of graphics, Gravity Pull – VR Puzzle Game offers a mind-blowing levels, fascinating all new players as soon as they see it for the first time in his VR headset.

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