Tai Chi couldn’t escape the world of apps, especially games, so this application complies with that. If you’re someone who loves Tai Chi, this game is for you. Through this game, you will be able to stimulate your spirit, your mind and also your body.

Guided Tai Chi

In Guided Tai Chi For Gear VR you have access to different new modes and challenge levels, as well as different practice sessions, which are easy to follow. You don’t have to learn anything further, just follow step by step each of the workouts that this game offers for you. You will be able to meditate a lot, release your tensions and also your accumulated daily stress.

The energy and the internal flow will be reinforced when you let yourself be guided by Tai Chi, and there are several themes. This VR Simulation Game can offer you an Arcade Mode, where you can practice 100 different sessions. There’s also the 60-minute marathon, and you can tone up your body through relaxation while releasing your mind. You will be able to find yourself while observing wonderful natural environments, exploring and contacting the wild in a simple and comfortable way.

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